20 May 2005

First Preview

So last night we had our first preview, which is generally the first time a full audience sees a show. As you already know, we'd had the Shepherd Wellness Community benefit the night before at our final dress rehearsal, so we kinda had an idea of what to expect.

All things considered, I think it went pretty well. The audience seemed to enjoy it. I'm told the real test will be with the preview audiences the rest of the weekend. Apparently the older fan base at the theater likes to go to the previews, and don't always respond as enthusiastically as other audiences. But I found -- when I did the show in Philly -- that the older audiences generally love this show; I mean, they're the only ones to whom the idea of somone's undies falling down in public is even remotely titillating. So we'll see.

As you know, my digital camera has been dead for a while, and one of the things I found in storage at my sister's house is my 35 mm film camera, so I've been a real, live shutterbug the last few days. Eight rolls of film worth. This is, clearly, gonna bankrupt me. But rather than take a couple hundred dollars and buy a cheap digital camera, I want a nice one. One that uses SLR lenses. So the saving up will have to be piecemeal and long-term. 'Til then, I'm discovering two things: First, I'd forgotten just how great the picture quality of film stills is, and second, the jpg files that come on the "picture CD" option when you have your film developed are unadulterated crap. The color on the jpg's bear no relation to the colors on the film, and they look even worse than the files that came directly off my crappy two-megapixel camera during its final decline.

But I'm not bitter. Do I sound that way? I really should consider putting a link my website to let my faithful readers donate toward the New Camera Fund. I love Paypal. We'll see.

In the meantime, check out the crappy versions of what are, in my humble opinion, some of the better shots from my adventures in photography.

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