10 May 2005

Lions and tigers and...

So, dig it:

I'm sitting in Tuscany and there's some sort of convention of bears here! And into the midst of it all walk these three little twinkie guys, who plop down in the middle of this group of bears (who -- seriously -- are having some kinda pow-pow in the back; there're agendas and everything!) and start smoking and drinking up a storm.

I'm happy -- in fact, a little too delighted -- to report that these three youngsters do absolutely nothing for me. Further, they're kinda making me laugh at them... they're just so young!

Then again, the bears aren't exactly lighting my fire, either. Here's a weird thing: One of the bears looks like my dad as a young man. It's a little freaky.

Yet another metaphor for my life. Surrounded either by men who don't want me, or who I don't want. Go figure.

I had a rather kick-ass day off yesterday, if I do say so myself. I got up a wee bit late, but dragged myself off to run some errands, then went to Tuscany for some lunch, and sunned myself on Flagstaff Hill all day.

Then I went back to my sister's, had dinner with my brother-in-law, and caught up on e-mail before doing my laundry.

I haven't felt this productive in quite a while.

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