08 June 2005

The Calm Before

My days are my own, lately, which is why you haven't been seeing as much of me. I start rehearsals for Stones in His Pockets next week, so I'll be rehearsing during the day, and doing Underpants at night.

For now, though my days are footloose and fancy-free, and I've been spending a lot of time hanging out and having fun. Nothing particularly structured, but just a lot of down time. It's times like these when I realize that -- like much of life -- down time can be either a spectacularly good thing or a catastrophically bad thing. It depends entirely on context.

The last couple of days have been tense 'cuz I've been waiting for my landlord to get my rent checks (yeah, you read that right; May's check didn't make it back to Brooklyn, and it's freaking me out), and -- me being me -- I've been fretting about it. Consequently, any spare time I might have had would have been spent obsessing about it.

Now that I know things are alright and my world is sailing it's appointed course, the down time is an absolute delight. You know your life is good when the big decision of your day is whether or not you want to invest the effort in driving to a park to sun yourself.

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