15 June 2005

Fever Pitch

So, I'm suffering my first high fever in, like, nearly thirty years, and it's bugging me out, yo. I don't have an actual degree number, 'cuz I keep forgetting to pick up a thermometer at the drugstore as I pass by. I'm a jackass that way. Part of me wants to downplay it, and suggest that, because I don't ever get sick, I'm overreacting to a fever of 99-100°. But the other part of me is sitting here, thinking, "That's a fever blister I've got on my lip!"

I suffered through the first night, and kept it down with ibuprofen last night, but a fever's there for a reason, right? It should be running it's course and burning out some sort of nasty little virus, no? I dunno.

How long should one suffer through a fever before seeking medical attention?

In other news, Nancy Nall pretty much sums up my reaction to the whole Michael Jackson thing.

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