26 June 2005

Siesta Épica

I feel as though I've taken an extended vacation, when in fact all I've really done is spend every spare moment of the last week or so lying around either sweltering with a fever that wouldn't break, or lying around in a puddle of my own sweat, rejoicing over the fact that a fever had broken, and refusing to acknowledge that it was a temporary situation.

Your body, my friends, is not something to be taken lightly. If it's kicking your ass with a fever of 101° or 102°, there's a reason for it and you need to get yourself to a doctor. Which, of course, I put off. I'm a jackass that way.

So anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now, but between rehearsing hopped up on ibuprofen and lying around feeling like crap, I feel like I've lost a week.

To whom do I apply to get that back?

So Nancy Nall and Lance Mannion have another of their trysts littraires over at American Street. And they're both trumped by a comment by Shakespeare's Sister. All of which explains why all three of them are on my blogroll. Genius. Geniuses? Anyway, read 'em and be amazed.

Their discussion about movies reminds me that I've had a discussion with a couple of people lately about why Pixar animated films just plain kick the ass of anything that Dreamworks puts out. My contention is this: The Dreamworks animated features -- and in this I include Shrek and Shrek 2 -- just seem to me to written by clever people who're entirely too aware of how clever they are. They're so chock full of clever little pop culture references and one-liners that the whole thing ends up creaking like an over-loaded galleon stuck on a windless sea.

Pixar, on the other hand, concentrates on story, and what happens to interesting characters who get stuck in extraordinary situations. That's why even the least of the Pixar films (who wants to have that discussion? Choose your least favorite Pixar film!) will always seem to me light-years better than the Dreamworks flicks. Color me nutty that way.

1 comment:

Lance Mannion said...

Finding Nemo.

And wouldn't I love to have a resume on which Finding Nemo was the least of my accomplishments?

Monsters Inc is still my favorite, despite how much I enjoyed The Incredibles.

By the way, Joe, Nance is feeling a little down about her webpage these days. Trolls have attacked. If you have a chance, could you go show her some love?

Glad to hear the show's going well. Break another leg again tonight.