26 July 2005

Delerium Tremens

So I've been without a computer for a couple weeks, and I have to tell you, I'm like a junkie without his fix. This is pretty wild. I have determined that the problems with my computer are purely electrical (that is, all my data is intact and sitting there waiting for me) -- dear old Dan thinks there's something wrong with the electrical board, or maybe a short in the fan that's causing it to shut itself down every time it starts up.

I've yet to find a laptop repair service nearby that will do a free estimate on the cost of repairing the damn thing. But the search continues.

All that aside, I've been having a very eventful couple of weeks. Not that anything particularly noteworthy is happening, but I have, at least, been keeping busy.

In addition to performing Stones in His Pockets, which closed last Sunday, I've been rehearsing for The False Servant at PICT, which opens this coming weekend -- Saturday, I think. I was supposed to start rehearsals this very day for Henry, the new play by Thomas Kilroy based on Pirandello's Encrico IV -- which is totally different from Shakespeare's Henry IV, which PICT did earlier in the year. Confusing, no?

So, yeah, we were supposed to start today, but there's been a bit of a catastrophe, which I'm not entirely sure has been announced to the public, come to think of it, so it may be inappropriate to talk about here. Suffice it to say that the start of rehearsals has been moved back a week.

Drama, drama, drama.

In addition rehearsing and performing, I've also spent the last week subbing for my dear friend Cary. She got a summer gig at St. Vincent's Summer Theatre, and asked me to take over last week and part of this week for her classes at the Carnegie Mellon summer pre-college theatre program. I've been spending Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the company of coming-up seniors in high school who're at skit camp. It's been fun.

I've forgotten what it's like to be 17 and wanna set the world on fire, and to be so passionate -- or at least passionate in a completely different way -- about acting.

And these kids are whip-smart. I had a long discussion with one of them yesterday about just how good some one who's 17 can be, not having had much life experience -- and he was the one arguing that you can only be so good at his age; that it takes a life to make an actor. I can't remember what I thought when I was that young, but I'm pretty sure I believed I didn't have to wait 'til I was 40, or even 20, to be good. I hope I disabused him of that belief.

I pointed him at a number of the blogs I read -- not least of which is Chasing Mercury -- written by people so much younger than I am, but who seem to have their heads screwed on pretty tightly, and who write with skill and passion about subjects I never mulled when I was their age.

I can promise you, I wasn't as smart.

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Mercury said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I'm just thinking out loud. Some thoughts are collected, others are a work in progress. But either way, I'm happy some of it resonates.