01 July 2005

Good and Bad

Anyone who tries to tell you that life isn't all things at all times, needs only reference my day yesterday to have his or her arguement shot to hell.

Talk about a great day. And a shitty one.

It's just life, baby.

Jay, his new girlfriend Dana & I went to Sandcastle, Pittsburgh's riverside water park yesterday, and spent three glorious hours frolicking in the sun and water. I had a delicious time. Got sunburned like a lobster. Saw more eye candy than my eyeballs could process. And the beautiful part is that once we'd had our fill and were ready to bug out, the skies opened up and a downpour flooded the city. Lightning. Thunder. Astoundingly beautiful.

We had a great show last night. Good audience. Laughed at everything. Fun to play with.

And then I got home afterward and discovered that something about that storm had fragged my laptop. Not fragged completely, mind you. But I came home to find it completely locked up, and when restarted, it would get into a loop in which it would nearly finish booting up and restart itself. By futzing around with it, I discovered that the source of the problem was my internet connection. Every time I plugged in the ethernet cable, the system would shut itself down to protect the system. Totally freaky.

And very, very annoying.

So it's taken the better part of a morning for me to uninstall and reinstall the ethernet hardware and get the damn thing working again. I'm wary. Three times it's seemed like it's working and then it's locked up and shut itself down again.

The point is, however, that it's a great example of just what life's all about. It's the most important lesson we can learn. The good and the bad don't necessarily alternate. They're both present all the time. You do have to take the good with the bad, but contrary to most people's ideas of how that works, I think they come together.

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