07 September 2005

Chewtoy of the Gods

So I've met this guy that I think is great. We've spent a lot of time together, talking. We've had cocktails on a couple of occasions. We've stumbled around the neighborhood at 4 a.m., walking his dog and solving the world's problems. And I've kissed him.

But I still can't figure out if he's really into me, or just looking for a new friend.

Why, I wonder, is it so hard for me to ask that question outright?

Of course I would meet this really great man right before I have to go back to New York City. I am the chew toy of the gods, my friends.

PS: His dog is delightful. She looks like a muppet, only a slightly mentally unbalanced one with impossible-to-photograph devil eyes. All hail Bess, Demon Goddess of Mirth and Sweetness.

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