24 September 2005

My New Obsession

Since I can't have E.B., I've settled on a new obsession. There's a new Gay & Lesbian network from the fine right-wing people at MTV/Viacom called "Logo." On Logo, there's a show called "Round Trip Ticket," on which a number of cute gay people travel the world and do overviews of the gay scene in various cities.

So I'm obsessed with one of the presenters, Marc Savoia. He's half-Italian/half-Australian...with an accent, and a body of death. I'm sitting here watching him do a show on Mykanos which -- thank God(s) -- has him in a speedo for most of the show. Life is good.

Or, if life isn't always good, there's always something good about it.

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Anonymous said...

Marc Savoia is back on "Round Trip Ticket" for season 2 on Logo MTV. If you want to see more or find out more about him I found this web site you can check out www.marcsavoia.com.au