28 October 2005


You know, I was with Gavan for a fairly long time... something like 4½ years or so. And, though the blame cannot entirely be said to rest with him, he's the main reason I haven't celebrated Halloween in nearly a decade. He was so virulently anti-Halloween because of his experience on the tour of Cats -- having to get into cat drag every day; it made him loath to put on a costume of any kind that wasn't required for work, or for which he wasn't going to be paid.

My being with him those 4½ years kinda killed my former fiery enthusiasm for all things All Hallow's Eve.

Now -- and here's the part where we really can't blame Gavan anymore -- I didn't really resume my yearly mad descent into the craziness that is picking out a costume as soon as we broke up, as you might expect.

At first, I was sad and lonely, and there's nothing worse in my view to have to celebrate Halloween alone; it's kinda like being alone in your apartment on Christmas day eating Chinese take-out. I've done it. I know.

So for the past four years, I've kinda let Halloween slip away with a bit of a wistful sigh. My closest friends in New York didn't really celebrate it; The Lagemæ never seemed to, and Kenny just plain abhors all things Halloween. It wasn't until I met Chris that I found a kindred hallowspirit.

But this year, I'm growing increasingly excited to be back in the fold.

Dear Adam -- intrepid entrepreneur of Total Wine Bar -- has invited me to his boyfriend Joey's annual bash. I skipped it last year in a paroxysm of inadequacy fears -- I just didn't think I could get together a decent costume without looking like a total tool.

But this year, with the help of Chris, I'm coming out. Again. As it were. I'll be attending the party and getting my spook on in a big way. And Chris is also insisting that I join him at the annual Halloween Parade in the Village. Something I've always wanted to do, but haven't because -- like walking into a gay bar -- I've been reluctant to do it alone. The joy of this (and most) holidays, for me, is the communal aspect of it.

So look out, you ghosts and goblins. This year, I'm back among your ranks.

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Ron Schulz said...

Oh and I fully expect to see pictures, my brother!