01 October 2005


I have to tell you. There's nothing like being back in your own place, even if someone else's stuff has overrun the place. My friend Mr. S. -- who's been staying in my apartment while I was away -- isn't able to move into his new digs until the 20th or so, so I'm sharing my space 'til then. I'm sure we'll have an easy time of it; due in no small part to my delight at being back home. Besides, I can use the extra money.

Ken, however, was the perfect host -- as was his roommate, Vinnie -- during the week I had between when I actually got back and when I told Mr. S. I'd be back.. I'm really lucky to have a friend like Kenny. It's quite a pain to have someone invade your home for a week and just explode the contents of his suitcase all over your living room. Here's a big cyber-kiss for Ken:

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