18 November 2005

I Fell For This

I usually just delete annoying forwarded e-mails, but with my dad's passing, I'm feeling a little more mellow these days, so I actually indulged.

Feel free to e-mail me your version:

This is what you're supposed to do...copy (not forward) this entire
e-mail and paste it into a new email. Change all of the answers so
that they apply to you. Then, send this to a whole bunch of people
you know *INCLUDING* the person who sent it to you. The theory is
that you will learn a lot of little known facts about your family &
friends. Enjoy!

1. First Name? Joseph
2. Were you named after anyone? God's Human Father. Big shoes
to fill.
3. Do you wish on stars? Shooting stars, yes.
4. When did you last cry? Yesterday. But given my dad?s
funeral was, like, two weeks ago, I think I can be forgiven.
5. Do you like your handwriting? If we include "printing,"
yes. My cursive sucks snot.
6. What is your favorite lunch meat? Roast Beef
7. What is your birth date? May 27
8. Mountains or Beach? Beach, preferably somewhere between the
Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer
9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
In a heartbeat.
10. Do you have a journal? Yes. www.joeschulz.net
11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Oh, boy, do I! Mostly on myself. I try to use my
powers for good.
12. Do you have a nickname? Young Joe, Joey, Joey Bear (use of
which is restricted to The Lagemæ
13. Would you bungee jump? I'd skydive again, but no--
you don't get a spare bungee.
14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No. I
admit it.
15. Do you think that you are strong? Physically? I'm a
girlyman California legislator. Strong like bull in bedroom.
16. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate. Surprisingly un-exotic, no?
17. Shoe Size?
18. Red or pink? Red.
19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? My
20. Who do you miss most? Jason Kirsch.
21. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? Not
required. Would enjoy it.
22. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? Blue
jeans, black loafers.
23. What are you listening to right now? "Man of La Mancha"
cover by Linda Eder.
24. Last thing you ate? A pile of scrambled eggs and turkey
25. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Aquamarine.
26. What is the weather like right now? Brisk-ish.
27. Last person you talked to on the phone? Ken Bolden
28. 1st thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Personality. Hey, I'm gay. Did you expect me to say
29. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Sure do.
30. Favorite Drink ? red wine.
31. What is your favorite sport? Spectator: Men's
gymnastics, diving. God, I'm a cliché. Participant: Softball, Climbing
32. Hair Color? Auburnish Brown, tending toward salt &
33. Eye Color? Whack-ass color-changing hazel. Depends on
what I'm wearing.
34. Do you wear contacts? Not to save my life.
35. Favorite Food? Thai. And Itlaian. And Chinese. And French... Oh, crap: All of it.
36. Last Movie You Watched? Angels in America. All six hours
in one sitting.
37. Favorite Day of the Year? I won?t lie: My birthday.
It's not entirely selfish. It's at the beginning of summer, and
four years out of seven is part of the Memorial Day weekend.
38. Scary Movies or Happy Endings? Depends on the movie.
39. Summer or winter? Summer.
40. Hugs OR Kisses? Kisses.
41. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? My mom's chocolate-chip
cookies and a frosty glass of milk.
42. Who Is Most Likely To Respond? Dunno.
43. Who Is Least Likely To Respond? Again, dunno.
44. Living arrangements? Painfully expensive one-bedroom
apartment on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. No roommates.
Considering a change.
45. What books are you reading? Rereading "Noble House," by
James Clavell. It weighs more than I do, even in paperback.
46. What is on Your Mouse Pad? No mousepad. Touch pad on
47. What did you watch on T.V last night? Last night I watched a
dance troupe. The night before I watched LOST. On tape.
48. Favorite sound? Silence. Maybe a sleeping lover's
breathing. Sadly, at this point, that's in the abstract.

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