23 November 2005

Once More Unto the Breach

I'm going back to Pittsburgh for a few days, sans computer access. Or, at least, I'll have it, but I won't have the time or access required to do a lot of blogging, one suspects.

So, in honor of Turkey Day tomorrow, I offer you this gem, from one of my favorite sitcoms ever. The episode from which it's taken also contains what I think is, perhaps, the funniest line ever uttered in filmed entertainment: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Speaking of gems, I thought I should take this opportunity to point out that those of you who're shopping for my Christmas present should feel free to wrap up and place either of these two under my tree:

Of course, if I get my druthers, I'll take David Sutcliffe. He's on the left. The fact that Edward Burns is so plainly straight and dating -- I dunno, is it still Heather Graham? -- makes the low-key equally-straight Sutcliffe a little more attractive. To me. At least I can sustain my delusion that he might consider me husband material a little longer.

Color me fickle.

Speaking of hotties, I managed to convince the inestimable Kenjiman B. to join me in Central Park for a little Shoot of Photoness recently. And despite his usual loathing of photos of himself, I think the results were kinda kick-ass:

Ain't he purdy? I think so.

There were a couple of photos that I snapped while in Pittsburgh for my dad's funeral that I haven't had a chance to share yet. The most amazing was the one of the flower that was blooming -- despite the approaching fall weather -- at the foot of the steps to my mom's porch (the one at left). I found it fascinating and beautiful and distracting, so of course I had to photograph it. The color just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Amazing, isn't it?

I'd have preferred that it be under other circumstances, but it sure was nice to see my siblings all gathered together in one place. As we were all heading off to the funeral, it suddenly occurred to a couple of us that we should document the occasion.

Starting on the left, and in chronologically descending order: Ron, Suzanne, Patrick, Daniel, Tim, Lois, and yours truly. I never think we look alike until we're all together. At Dan's second wedding, several people walked up to me and congratulated me -- despite the fact that he was wearing a tux and I was not. Go figure.

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