15 November 2005


It's really funny, the things that'll set you off.

When I saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the song over the end credits, "Into the West," just broke my heart. But since my dad's death, I can't help but associate the song with him, and it just wrecks me every time.

Funny, that, how I can be a big (well, as big as a 5'7" guy can be), strong (emotionally, you know. Weak like bunny lifting weights), together guy most of the time, but I hear the right piece of music and I'm reduced to a weepy idjit.

Someone reminded me that I promised to post pictures of my re-emergence as a Celebrator of Halloween. To be honest, I had completely forgotten in all the hubbub after my dad's passing. So, forgive me for the lack of explanation, but let me whip these out and let you see how well the evening went:

Topher as Hamlet & me as... well, a pirate/Adam as Bjorn Borg.

Topher befriends "The Headsman"/Adam glares suspiciously at the camera

Amir, Nick & Adam/Mikee, Greg, Marcus & Julie

A word on the new divider: It was the license plate on the front of my dad's car. He loved smiley faces. They were freakin' everywhere. We pinned one on his lapel when he was buried. So I took a photo of the license plate on his car, and converted it into that. I think I'll stick with it for a while.

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