28 September 2007

The Belle of the Ball

There's a reason my puppy can't manage to grasp that the outside is for peeing.

Every time I take him outside to pee, he's distracted by the endless stream of passers-by who insist on stopping, marveling over him and heaping love and praise upon him and his cuteness.

I mean, what if every time your instincts told you, "Hey, I think this smells like a good place to do your business," some random stranger came up and distracted you with petting and rubbing and gentle tones and delightful emotions and general friendliness?

I dare say you'd be distracted.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Daddy plays with you for an hour or so, gives you some food and water, then sits down at the table to type an e-mail, and suddenly you're left alone. And that's when you think to yourself, "You know what, self? I have to whiz."

There being nothing to take your mind off that realization, you do.

And that's why potty training the world's cutest puppy is not the easiest thing to do.

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