26 February 2008

Dog of the Living Dead

Atticus' favorite toy in the whole world is a blue baby blanket (replete with the head of a teddy bear) that was sent along with him by the breeder when he was just twelve weeks old.

It turns out, though, that after months of carrying this thing around and playfully chewing on it, Atticus' true instincts took over.

He ate its brains.

The head of the bear was stuffed with synthetic wadding and these brains clearly needed to be devoured, with a gaping hole left in the head, much as one might see in a zombie movie.

I found the poor dead creature with the zombie standing over its remains, panting, desperate for more, its need to suck brains clearly not yet sated:

Needless to say, I was struck dumb with terror when the zombie turned its cold, cold gaze on me, and clearly thought, "I'll suck your brains next:"

Atticus got his third ever – and most thorough – bath this evening, and he truly wasn't happy about it.

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