11 February 2008

Jesus is a Gym Bunny.

This morning was kinda nice, if a bit brisk, and The 'Cus and I were enjoying our morning constitutional. The sun was bright and blue, with clouds scudding across the bowl of the sky at a nice clip. All was right with the world.

I was standing there waiting for The 'Cus to finish his business, which – the only dark spot on an otherwise smoothly flowing morning – was slow in coming, so to speak. Along the street came a brightly smiling couple who, I presumed, were taken by The 'Cus. Most people are.

But this woman handed me a small slip of paper, which turned out to be tract, and the tract had the cover below. This cover proves something I've long suspected:

Jesus is gay, 'cuz he's got an amazing gym body, and is clearly obsessed with his abs. Even hanging on the cross, he's doing his crunches and making sure they're tight. Only a gay man would be that obsessed:

In the interest of equal time, if you would like to indulge in more of this unabashed idiocy, feel free to pester these folks.

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