08 February 2008

Meet the Parents

This evening, my burgeoning romance with A.Pants was put to the test in two ways: First, he got to meet a lot of my friends, and second, I went out drinking with his colleagues from work.

We started the evening pretty early by attending the Gad's Hill Theater House Party fundraiser. I don't think he knew it at the time, but he was basically being dropping into the frying pan, as far as meeting everyone I'm close to in New York. He'd already met Betty Boop, but had yet to meet Topher or the rest of the Gad's Hill Gang.

He did really well. Charmed the pants off of them, I think.

The night was really fun; the gang at Gad's Hill did a bang-up job of putting together a program of fun, food, booze and selected pieces of works in development. In addition, there was a silent auction at which I scored (and, truth be told, paid too much for) a great messenger bag and a cool photo print. What I overpaid on the bag, I underpaid on the print, so go me. Joe Schulz, Savvy Art Collector, at your service.

It was especially nice, since I got to share some of my favorite people with Mr. Pants. I hadn't seen The Salesman in about an age, and now that I'm scaling back my involvement in the theater company (just, it seems, as it takes off), I don't see much of Kentucky Rose or The Benefactress.

So it was a good time.

I served as the official photographer of the event. For what it's worth, the whole set is here.

I would be lying to your face if I said I was really looking forward to going out after the fundraiser and spending the rest of the evening in the company of A.Pant's co-workers. It's not that I particularly don't like them, since I'd never even met them, but I think I've mentioned before how much I sort of dread social situations in which I'm thrown in with new people. To suggest that I'm awkward, or at least see myself that way, is an understatement.

Luckily for me, A.Pants somehow convinced The Realtor to come along, and even managed to get The Prodigy to come later. God bless him for that.

We stayed out way later than I wanted to, but when all was said and done, it was nice to meet the people he talks about all the time. Afterward, he came back to Brooklyn and stayed over. That was fun, too.

I'm just sayin'.

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