21 April 2008

Don't Doubt the 'Cus.

A couple of days ago, A.Pants and I were out walking The Cus. Being me, I don't recall the exact circumstances, but we were walking along and A.Pants said something that, were I feeling sensitive, might have been construed as denigrating my dog's intelligence.

Just to be a smart ass, and, really, expecting to look like a nitwit, I stopped dead in my tracks and said to the dog, "Atticus..."

He stopped and looked at me.

"...where's A.pants?"

Atticus turned and looked directly at A.Pants, then looked back at me.

We spent the next few minutes belly-laughing, and I secretly swore to myself that I was never, ever going to test the dog like that again, 'cuz he could never possibly surpass that moment.

I love my little dog.

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