10 June 2008

Heat Wave!

The past couple of days, the high temperature in New York City has hovered around 97°. Pretty awful, if you don't work in a refrigerated office Velvet Prison.

Mostly, I've been concerned about The Animals in my charge while Betty Boop is off in LondonTowne.

For the most, part, I thought, they'd fared rather well, lounging about all day in air-conditioned comfort. But last night I came home from dinner with ChickenKurry to discover that Jazz had puked up her dinner all over the dining room floor, and tonight Atticus sicked-up the bowl of food he'd eaten not an hour before. Rice and dry food mixed, dear friends. Rice and dried food mixed.

Oddly, though, they've shown no other sign of being affected by the heat. Of course, Jazz never leaves the apartment, and Atticus has really only gone out for short trips because of the heat (though, for the sake of truth in advertising, I should admit that I took him to the park when it was pretty hot both Saturday and Sunday).

But both are well-watered and seem to be doing okay.

Here's hoping the whole puking thing isn't the beginning of a trend.

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