07 July 2008

Fooled You

I've never been terribly good at flirting. The first time I met A.Pants, I don't think he knew I was flirting with him at all. Most guys think I'm just being funny and chatty when I'm flirting.

So it was a total shock to me a couple weeks ago when I was walking through Central Park and I saw this really good looking guy taking pictures of all sortsa stuff. I passed by him and sat down on a bench to do a little reading, but his camera caught my eye. It was nice. It was, like, the latest prosumer NIkon digital. Totally cool. Totally made me envious.

Suddenly the guy turned and winked at me, and went on his way. He looked over his shoulder once to see if I was following him. I wasn't, of course. I'm a one-man kinda guy, really.

But I might have cheated on A.Pants with his camera bag. It was sweet.

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