01 July 2008

Just When You Think It's Safe...

...there's always China, Jamaica, and Time Warner Center.

Today I was riding the down escalator at Time Warner Center, intent on nipping off to the post office across 60th Street. I wanted to pick up some stamps, so I could mail a couple letters.

It was unusual, in that there wasn't anyone else around, except for a lone guy coming up the opposite escalator. This guy — clearly disheveled, the sort the security guards in the Shops at Columbus Circle generally roust from the joint — waited until he was directly opposite me before looking at me and saying, "Faggot."

I actually stifled the urge to use a racial slur and then say, "How does that feel?"

A.Pants and Betty Boop will be happy to hear that. It's a change of policy for me, since they were both so upset the last time I refused to be meek about having been verbally abused by random assholes.

Baby steps.

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