12 October 2008

And There We Have It.

Life's been pretty busy lately; work hasn't exactly been the happy experience that it's been in the past. That would account, I think, for a lot of the time I've spent doing other than blogging, but today I managed to haul my ass out of bed and take Atticus for a walk in Prospect Park during the off-leash hours. He was, of course, beside himself with joy. He got to run free and frolic with a lot of other dogs, making new friends, renewing old acquaintances.

As the off-leash hour was winding down and I herded Atticus to the park entrance, I was momentarily stopped in my tracks by the way the morning light was striking a couple of trees whose leaves had only just begun to change color.

And suddenly, all the cares – true and manufactured – of the last couple of weeks just melted away and all I could think was, "Jesus Fucking Christ, but life is really good." The realization was awesome in the way that it could just bring everything to a screeching halt. Even Atticus turned around and made eye contact, as though he could sense the sudden change that came over me.

The feeling didn't last very long; those feelings never do, no matter how happy you are. Still, it was a nice moment, and it's a pretty good life when, even through your troubles, you can occasionally be stopped dead in your tracks by it's beauty.

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