28 November 2008

Circuit Party Central

So little did I know, when booking my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, that this week was "Latin Fever" week. This annual circuit party over Thanksgiving weekend attracts thousands of gays and lesbians from all over the world for five days of parties and debauchery the likes of which I generally go to great lengths to avoid.

You see, much to the dismay of my beloved friends, Little B & E, the idea of vacationing in the midst of a gathering of gym-obsessed, sex-hungry, tweaked-out muscle queens and the various pilot fish who swim in their wake is, to me, pretty much the equivalent of a stay on the 457th circle of Hell.

I didn't realize that the beach adjoining my hotel's beach would be the site, this afternoon, of one of the parties for said Event. I was a little taken aback when, as I was out for my customary morning sun, crowds of chiseled bodies started arriving and taking over my beach. Generally, I wouldn't have so much of a problem with this, but when I'm laying naked and exposed in my non-toned pasty whiteness, well, let's just say it brings my insecurities to a boil.

Needless to say, I needed to escape that shite as quickly as possible, so I decided to take one more tour around the town to snap a few more pictures.

It hasn't quite become passe to me, yet, to see so much new construction butt-up-against buildings that can be two hundred or more years old. It really is a wonder.

I have to say that I kinda love the juxtaposition, and I've been thinking a lot about the constant struggle against rot that a town like Vallarta faces. It's surrounded by the jungle, after all, and it's never not humid and hot (which, depending on the level of the humidity, I think is a pretty good thing). But because of the constant decay, the place is undergoing an endless battle against the forces of nature and, for the most part, winning.

It's pretty amazing, though, to watch the struggle. The amount of construction going on here now is amazing. It seems to be everywhere you turn.

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