12 December 2008

Fly Away (Not) Home

Well, I'm at it again. Just a couple weeks after returning from Puerto Vallarta, I'm sitting around waiting to get back on an airplane and take to the air.

This time I'm not, however, going to a warm, sunny place. Or, at least, not one as warm and sunny as Puerto Vallarta.

I'm off to see A.Pants in Indianapolis, to see his show and, more importantly, to meet his mother.

That's right, friends, I'm meeting his mother. I think it's getting serious.

Actually, it's been brewing for quite a while. We've been discussing cohabitating for quite a while and actually have plans to do so in the new year; we're just not sure when it'll happen. The timing will depend a lot – a lot – on whether or not I get a bonus this year, since the bulk of the moving money's going to have to come from that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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