29 April 2005


I have to say, I'm sure enjoying rehearsals for The Underpants. It's so incredibly different from the last time I'd done it, that it's becoming a whole new play for me. I'm even forgetting my lines -- things are that different; I'm not falling back on what worked before.

Today was my longest rehearsal day this week. All of six hours. Let's face it: I've had it easy. Today was kinda physical, too. I'd forgotten that my role offers the opportunity for a lot of physical comedy. I suspect that -- whether or not they make it into the actual finished product -- I'm gonna be doing prat falls out my whazoo. Which is actually kinda cool. I'm getting to an age when people don't ask it of me as much as they used to, so it'll be fun to stretch those muscles again. Both literally and figuratively.

Alas, I'll need to start doing warm-ups.

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