17 May 2005


So I'm backstage at our first "ten out of twelve" rehearsal. For the uninitiated, that's when we do a technical rehearsal before opening, adding costumes, lights, sound, and finishing touches on the set. And they're usually scheduled to last ten hours over a twelve-hour period. There's a two-hour break in there somewhere for dinner.

Imagine how many times you can do a 90-minute play over the course of ten hours of rehearsal.

This one's physically demanding for me -- lots of pratfalls and physical comedy, you see.

So I'm a little tired.

Yesterday, I got to hang out for most of the afternoon and evening with RJ, who -- through the good graces of his company, Local Business Web -- hosts this very website. A big cheers to RJ, please.

We had take-out with his wife, Ange, from a kick-ass Chinese place near their home, and then he and I went to see Kingdom of Heaven. I have to say, I didn't hate it. But it was a little heavy-handed in its "Muslims & Christians should all get along" message. And of course it's the noble caucasian guy who saves the day. Still, I enjoyed it. And what's not to love about the delightfully vacuous Orlando Bloom?

He even manages to take his shirt off at one point. See? Who says that God doesn't love homosexuals? He gives us shirtless celebrities to look at!

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