22 May 2005

Dance, Monkey! Dance!

So, yeah. I'm like one of those ten-cents-a dance chicks. Or maybe an organ grinder's monkey. I'm blogging for my supper, or, more specifically, for my new camera.

You'll note the addition of a link on the sidebar to donate to my new camera fund. -------------------->

Working with film is bankrupting me, yo! I'm 9 rolls into my visit to Pittsburgh and I've already blown close to $100 on film processing. This shit is expensive! And of course I'm, apparently, completely unable to not document my life by taking pictures. Color me addicted.

So, in the tradition of clever maniacs and moochers the world over, I've added a donation link to my blog. What the heck, right? I mean, I have a birthday coming up, and rather than guilting my Gentle Readers into forking out money for a sweet gift, why not sucker them into dropping a fin or ten-spot on my one hobby, all from the comfort of sitting on their own asses?

Welcome to the American Dream.

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