26 May 2005

Got a Life

People are accusing me of having gotten a life, since I haven't blogged in nearly four days.

That's most assuredly not the case. I'm still wasting way too much of my time on useless pursuits and ultimately bring no satisfaction. Most especially in the romance department.

So all is right with the world.

Tuesday, for our final preview, the theater was papering the house, wanting to fill the joint up because it was selling lightly and a reviewer was going to be there. The last thing you want to do when playing comedy is have a small house. People in small groups are intimidated about laughing.

So the theater invited us to let our friends know they could see it for free, and the place was packed. And not just packed, but packed with friends and family, so it was a raucous night. What a delight. The audience screamed with laughter. They were really generous.

The opening night audience was a bit more quiet. For the most part they were more smilers than laughers, but there were a lot of theater people in the audience, and it reminded my why I don't like theater people as audiences.

The place was chock full of actors and playwrights and directors I know. And not a one of them cracked a smile the whole night. There was one guy sitting up front -- right in the spill of the lights from the stage -- who not only didn't crack a smile, but had a look on his face as if he'd cracked a tooth.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not convinced that this is the best show ever, but it's not a bad one. So there ya go. Theater people shouldn't go to see theater. It just seems to make them angry.

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