28 May 2005

Happy Blah Date

Thank god for my friends, that's all I can say.

It was my birthday yesterday, and my friends at the theater brought me a cake, and the inimitable Marty G. bought be a really fine bottle of wine.

So rather than do the smart thing and spend the evening drinking with and being feted by my friends, what do I do? I make a date with a man I've met once before, thinking that it's a good thing I'm expanding my social circle.

I wasted my birthday on what was, essentially, a blind date.

A blind date that sucked, by the way. In a classic sense. Talked incessantly about the ex. Enjoyed the drinks I bought him but couldn't be bothered to buy me one. Brought me back to his apartment despite the fact that he clearly wasn't into and proceeded to just lay there through the sex that was, ultimately, the least fulfilling I may have ever had. And you know, I've had some bad sex. The problemwith dating a 23 year-old is that they are completely without artiface. They don't mask their disappointment well, and they certainly don't fake it very well. It's really depressing to be given the boot as soon as the, uh, "deal" is, uh, "transacted," especially when he thinks he's being subtle and un-obvious when he's talking about how late it is and how early he has to get to work in the morning -- when I already know that he doesn't start work until 3:30!

I really have to learn to give up on men altogeher.

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