31 May 2005


Maybe a month before I left New York for Pittsburgh, Kenny & I went to see an art installation by the photographer and artist Angelo Musco. Kenny had been to see some of his installations before, and I'd been to a party given by he and his partner, where I'd seen some of his photographs and other art works.

This one was entitled "Parthenogenesis," and was done with a large construct in which a number of pregnant women in white wigs and white contact lenses posed while Angelo and his team photographed them for later manipulation. So it's a two-fold process: There's the actual installation -- which was really interesting and odd and fascinating, watching those pregnant ladies struggle to hold still all the while these people wandered around and gaped at them, and then there's the photo manipulation, which eventually is printed or posted on Angelo's website.

Kenny just forwarded an e-mail announcing that "Parthenogenesis" was online. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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