03 June 2005

I'm Not Sure If This Was Awkward Or Not...

So, I'm sitting in Tuscany, having a sandwich and a Pepsi before the show, coming down off the high of having had a great voice-over session for a national drug chain, and who should walk in accompanied by his gal pal but my ex- boyfriend's boyfriend? The one with whom I always suspected the relationship had begun before ours was over?

The kid looks great, now that he's grown into a young man and isn't a skinny teen-ager anymore. He's filled out a little, thank god.

I'm guessing it was awkward for him, though, since they left without ordering anything. Or without acknowledging me. Alas. I don't suppose it should be a terrible surprise, but it is kinda weird and disappointing. I remember the kid as this skinny shy kid that my agent brought to see The Mystery of Irma Vep. Small world, I guess, that that kid should be the one my ex had waiting in the wings when our relationship went south.

Ah, well. The past is, as they say, the past. Or maybe they don't say that. Maybe I just made that up.

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