03 June 2005

Inappropriate Crush #327

'Cuz, you know, I can't afford to waste my time and energy on men I might actually connect with, I like to spend it on men who're so completely unavailable that they really only ever exist in fantasy.

Case in point: Tim Draxl. A delightful young Australian actor who I saw today when I finally got around to watching Swimming Upstream, compliments of Netflix. I'd seen the trailer for the movie in NYC last year, and really wanted to get around to seeing it -- but either missed its NYC run, or was out of town when it finally came around.

I recommend the movie. Both Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis are wonderful and heartbreaking in it -- as are the gazillion kids who play their children at various ages. The story is mostly about Tony Fingleton (played as an older kid by Jesse Spencer), a championship swimmer who had a -- to put it mildly -- rocky relationship with his father as he grew up in 1950s Australia.

Draxl plays his brother, John who gets dragged along when the overbearing father discovers the boys are talented swimmers and decides to make something of them. The two boys form an especially close bond as they grow, cheering each other on and helping each other through the torture their father puts them through as he tries to live out his success fantasies through them.

Now, those of you who know me for the inveterate chicken hawk I am would assume I'd fall for the buff, blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesse Spencer. And there was a time when that might've been so. But I tend, these days, to go for the less glamorous, slightly more geeky guy, and Draxl, while still rather hot, has that quality.

So here I sit writing about him, instead of getting out there and meeting men who're actually on the same continent as me.

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Anonymous said...

did you know that tim is actually GAY...so he ain't that out of reach !