12 June 2005


This, with props and due credit to Jason Kottke, whom I adore.

Lance Mannion and his friend Nancy Nall join forces for a new feature at The American Street. Lance kicks ass. I have no idea what he looks like, but judging from what I've read of his blog, I've created this vision of him as a big burly ex-biker guy. And even at that, he's such a genius I'd still do him. And y'all know how I feel about bears. Attraction-wise, that is.

In Memorium: I note, with unmentionable sadness, the passing of The Astrologger's blog. He was uber-cool: an MIT-trained astrologer with a sharp wit and a clever turn of phrase. And no, the MIT training wasn't in Astrology, you goofs. The astrology came courtesy of his mother, I believe. Alas, poor Yorrick.

Alas, I also note the disappearence of Susan Rankus' blog. Wither goest thou, Woodgywoo?

Dan Renzi has his say on the state of Modern Theatre (upper case letters mine). I come down firmly in the "That's crap!" camp.

Have a lovely day, y'all.

PS: Charlene is right.

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