24 October 2005

Garçon Stupide - Part Deux

I've chosen a helluva day to start biking to work again.

The trip along Bergen Street to Boerum Place and across the Brooklyn Bridge, then across the island of Manhattan on Chambers Street and up the West Side bike path to 59th Street took about an hour... fifteen minutes less than I expected.

I think I lost my lungs on the Brooklyn Bridge, though. Rather early in the trip, you'll note from the map at right, to be hacking up a lung. My cardiopulmonary health must have degraded even more than I thought while I was in Pittsburgh. God help me.

So the reason this turns out to be not such a great time to start bike riding again is this:

At least I've got Wednesday to look forward to. But apparently, I'm gonna get nice and soaked on the ride home tonight. I will, of course, wear my rain slicker, but it's rather famous for being cheap and non-breathing, so it traps so much heat inside that I sweat enough to make it a wash by comparison: I can be soaked by the rain, or I can be soaked through with my own sweat.

I suspect a shower is going to feel really, really good when I get home.

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