21 October 2005

Garçon Stupide

Last night Chris and I went to see Garcon Stupide, and I frankly feel a little stupide because, ultimately, it's not that I didn't like it. I think I just didn't get it.

Well, I got some of it. I think. I got that this dumb kid was uncomfortable with his own sexuality and as a result he was unable to develop any healthy relationships regarding sex; so instead he mistakes anonymous internet sex for real connections with people. This inability to connect with people -- his "girlfriend," Marie, and this older gentleman named Lionel who actually tries to befriend him and explain romantic love (as opposed to, say, trying to get into his pants) -- leads to a lot of alienation and unfulfillable expectations, and a lot of unhappy people.

What I don't get is the ending, in which -- after a tragic but life-altering moment -- he seems to go through the motions of changing his life, but does this inner monologue where he rails that he won't do all these things that are, essentially, making connections to others. He decides he's going to follow his dream of being a photographer, he's going to be aloof, an observer, and somehow that's a good thing.

It's something with which I struggle. Not the internet sex thing, sillies. I gave that up some time ago. But, as you know, I'm a budding photographer, and I often wonder about the distance the camera places between you and the world. In trying to capture it, you remove yourself from it.

Anyway, the movie gave me a lot to think about. And left me confused.

By the way: Just who is this Rob Marciano, why is he so hot, where did he come from, why does he regularly put himself in danger just to stand in front of a camera in the middle of a hurricane, and how has he escaped being my husband? I've really gotta stop developing crushes on celebrity talking heads. Anderson Cooper is gonna get jealous.

And we can't have that, now can we

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