06 April 2008

On the Road, Again

Atticus took his third- and fourth-ever subway rides this weekend, and to be honest, I don't think he liked it any better than the first and second. Just too damn noisy, smelly and weird for his little nose and ears to handle.

Our first subway outing was back in January, when we took the train into Manhattan for a Shiba Inu Meetup. Atticus loved meeting all the other Shiba Inus...

...but I fear the train ride was a little much for him.

This time around, we were going to spend the weekend with A.Pants, and rather than put him in the ridiculous gay carrying bag I bought for the trip to the meetup, I decided to use Atticus' travel crate. I was sure that being in an enclosed, den-like space would make him feel safer while on the train. Sadly, this time wasn't a whole lot better, since he's grown a lot and he doesn't really love getting into his travel crate anymore. Truth be told, the little bugger's outgrown it. It seems like only yesterday he slept in that crate every night. Now I cringe at the thought of him having to spend more than an hour in there.

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was a delight. Atticus loved A.Pants' apartment, which is, like, three times the size of mine; he also desperately wanted to make friends with A.Pants' roommate's cats. That didn't work out so well.

On the upside, there was a nice big back yard for him to run in, and I have to say, I've never seen him do his business quicker. He was out the sliding glass door, down the steps and peeing and pooping before I even managed to get down the steps.

Living in a place with a backyard would be terrible for both of us, I think. I'd never walk the poor little devil, and he'd just get fat if all he had to do was roll outta bed and take a dump in the yard. And I'd get fatter, frankly.

So, despite the scary train rides, I think the weekend was a success. I'm gonna, of course, have to buy a bigger travel crate, but I think there'll be more trips to Queens for the little pup. He liked the neighborhood, and everyone on the street wanted to meet him.

Crazy stuff.

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