11 April 2008

Top Girl(y Men)s

I was chatting with ChickenKurry today, and he idly asked me what plans I had for the weekend. After describing in detail my plans for A.Pants' birthday, I mentioned that we might or might not be seeing the dress rehearsal of Manhattan Theater Club's Top Girls on Sunday. This exchange followed directly:
ChickenKurry (10:48:09 AM): interesting
ChickenKurry (10:48:48 AM): i must say, the first thing that popped into my head when you wrote "Top Girls" was the image of manly men who prefer to wear women's clothing while, er, um, "pitching"
ChickenKurry (10:49:02 AM): i guess that doesn't make them very manly
Me (10:49:21 AM): that's 'cuz you're a soulless gay man with no connection to real culture beyond the golden girls and bel ami porn.
ChickenKurry (10:49:46 AM): wow, we've become so close that you can totally read me like a book

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