21 November 2008

Avenues Like Arteries

This past summer, when A.Pants was off in Indiana doing his summer gig, I flew out to see him and had the rare opportunity to fly out of Laguardia Airport heading west across the city, flying high above Manhattan and looking south.

Not since 2001, actually, have I been on a flight that flew over Manhattan island, and I was once again struck by just how beautiful the city is when viewed from above, but especially when seen from above at dusk.

The sky above is still a wee bit light, but the avenues, lit by the headlights and brake lights of the cars, look like veins of quicksilver striped lengthwise along the island. And Central Park is this great negative space right in the middle of the island, it's dark heart. The belly of the beast.

It's those moments when I wish I could fly more. I absolutely love the Earth from above.

Of course, that might actually be some sort of editorial comment on my fellow beings, that I like to view them best from a distance.

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