24 November 2008


It keeps popping into my head that I'm on my first vacation in something like fifteen years, but that's just patently wrong. I went on a brief vacation over Memorial Day weekend with The Pants, to California. For some reason, though, since I spent most of that time rushing to catch up with beloved old friends, that seemed a wee bit less relaxing than had I spent a week on a beach somewhere, doing pretty much nothing

That's pretty much what I'm doing now.

While The Pants is off in the Heartland engaging in "gainful" holiday employment, I'm (guiltily) enjoying a holiday in Puerto Vallarta. (It might interest you to know that the abbreviation for "puerto" is "PTO.")

I'm doing my best to keep a photographic record of what the hell I'm seeing, so that you can enjoy it vicariously.

More pictures, hopefully, to follow*.

*I can't guarantee anything. My enthusiasm for documenting my vacation is at war with my innate need to disconnect and document nothing at all.

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