20 February 2008

An Ethical Dilemma

Say, just for shits and giggles, that, hypothetically, a guy – we'll call him "Giuseppe" – comes home from a hard day of work and discovers his – again, hypothetical – dog has chewed up his – once more, hypothetical – Netflix copy of The Nines.

Say the guy is tired, hasn't been sleeping much, or well, lately, and he loses his temper, and all but throttles the cute little dog – we'll call him "Angus" – to within an inch of his life, scaring the little creature so badly he loses control of his bladder and pees all over Giuseppe's suit, shoes and pea-coat in karmic revenge.

Say, after spending nearly forty-five minutes cleaning up pee, shredded Netflix envelopes, tooth-marked DVDs and torn Tyvek envelopes, poor, guilt-ridden Giuseppe repairs to his – you guessed it, hypothetical – local wine bar to mull his situation, and discovers he must answer this question:

Do I call Netflix and fess up that my dog ate their movie – thus incurring a probably-sizable fee – or do I just go online and "report a problem" with the disc, claiming it never arrived?

Share your opinion.


wickedqueenwendy said...

opinion: fess up. karma already appears primed for balancing the energy of the universe.

Anonymous said...

We're proud of you, Joe. You've got the "Austin" thing going on. Steve and Michele